INTO Giving Christmas raffle

INTO Giving's UK-wide raffle is back!

15th November - 8th December 2017

£1 a ticket or £5 for a strip

INTO Giving Christmas raffle

24 Nov 2016

The INTO Giving UK-wide raffle and all its prizes is back!

And with the raffle, please know this: all of the raffle money goes to supporting INTO Giving’s educational projects – every penny, every pound.

Nothing is creamed off the top or used to buy prizes or run the charity. All of it goes to projects sticking up for girls’ education, for refugee education and for boys and girls who are at daily risk of being forced or coerced out of education because they’re poor.


How much are tickets, you ask?

Tickets are £1 a ticket or £5 a strip.


Where can I buy a ticket

Tickets are on sale at every UK INTO centre, as well as the Brighton office.


When is it?

Tickets are on sale now – today – through 8th December.

The raffle draw itself is 15th December, live on Facebook.


Who’s eligible to enter?

If you have £1 (or £5 or £10 or twenty or… it’s up to you) and are 18-years-old or older, you’re eligible. Same goes for INTO students, university partner students, faculty and staff, visiting dignitaries, people you secretly despise, as well as any friends or family who fancy a flutter. They’re cool too.


If INTO Giving didn’t spend any money on raffle prizes, how’d you get hold of them?

We staged a heist. It was Naomi Cromby, Isabel Knight (fresh from maternity leave), Chris Walker, along with Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, a royal who prefers to remain nameless, George Clooney, Amal Clooney (her debut), Grace Jones and… Or if you want the truth, every UK INTO centre donated a prize. So did many of the major INTO suppliers, many moderate-sized suppliers, the INTO executive team and personal contacts of INTO employees. It’s a family affair.


Got it. Now then, the big one: what can I win?

Aha. Yes. The prizes.  There’s a shedload. Thirty-three prizes are up for grabs. Fancy electronics. Fancy hampers. Holidays. Nights out. Days out. Lots of shopping vouchers. Your very own kilt. And that’s just to start – see image below for the full list.


Wonderful. Where can I find out more about who I’m helping when I buy a raffle ticket?

If you want to see who you’re helping, how and where, have a peek at our projects webpage.