The Money Tree has been run successfully in INTO Centres in the US and the UK. It is down to you on the specifics of how you'd like to run this and over how long you'd like the programme to run for, whether this would take up just a lesson/day or an entire module.

The main aim of the Money Tree is to increase your initial net by as much as possible. Typically students are given a small amount of money and are tasked with increasing this. This tends to be done in groups and with an element of competition. 

By clicking on each picture you will access a link to different Prezi presentations, the first being one that describes the process and benefits of Money Tree and the second being a presentation made by students outlining their journey having completed the Money Tree. 

We've also included downloads such as thank you letters for donors, information on how to promote and plan an event and presentations you can give around how to use social media in the third sector.