February 16th - Our Local Project Updates!

Our supporting projects in the UK and US have sent us reports on what they have been doing for the last 6 mont…

February 16th - Our Local Project Updates!

16 Feb 2017

Our supporting projects in the UK and US have sent us reports on what they have been doing for the last 6 months and we're happy to report...

Summer Programs at Corvallis High Schools:

INTO Giving gave £2000 to support Corvallis High School run summer programmes. These supported students during the vulnerable transition from middle school to high school and helped them understand what it means to be academically successful. Corvallis High School students gained exposure to critical study skills, knowledge of how to navigate the high school system, social connections with students and teachers, English language skills, self-efficacy and self-confidence. INTO students gained volunteer experience and local connections.

Over the long term it is anticipated that high school students engaged in these programs will graduate successfully with plans for further education and/or employment. INTO students will experience greater employability due to valuable experience during their stay in Oregon.

CCP Centrepoint Lifewise

CCP supports 16-25 year olds with housing, learning, health and life skills. The grant given by us has benefited 31 young people by allowing CCP to provide accredited training sessions to support those who have fallen out of mainstream education and have little to no qualifications. From those that attended the programme, 4 are now in employment, 6 are enrolled at college or on an apprenticeship and 7 have successfully moved on and are able to budget their money and sustain a tenancy. The funds were also used to pay for extra staff to be on shift and for the staff training to deliver the "Lifewise" module successfully.

Caledonian Club:

The Caledonian Club works with schools to help children and young people to develop a range of skills, across curriculum areas and different contexts and settings. Funding from INTO Giving has helped Caledonian Club provide mentoring to over 500 pupils, from the 5 most disadvantaged communities in Glasgow from nursery to secondary school

It has enabled the Caledonian Club to enhance its current offering, providing additional funds for additional student mentors and materials. Student mentors are an invaluable resource, as they often share similar backgrounds to pupils and act as positive role models who have followed a positive educational journey.

 Their commitment to work holistically with parents, young people, schools and the local community, has seen the delivery of a unique end-to-end programme which is driving real results in employability and education outcomes for young people and their parents”

Lucy Carver, Chair of the Business in the Community Awards Judging Panel





ReDefiners aims to create global citizens who are economically and socially responsible through promoting world language and cultural enrichment. In the last 6 months they have used INTO’s funding to empower 150 children from low income backgrounds along the path to become world leaders by being exposed to Spanish and Mandarin culture. An afterschool language programme has been implemented. This reached 46 students and provide 8 hours of teaching a week. INTO Students have been involved in running the multicultural festival and have acted as Cultural Ambassadors for the programme. This has also included over 100 hours of volunteering at the ReDefiners summer camp.


Aim2Attain are based in London and aim to help secondary school students understand their options and choices available going into higher education. Aim2Attain use volunteers from well-known businesses to mentor students from the poorest areas in London. They are currently mentoring nearly 750 students, mainly from Bangladesh, and 15 different schools across their borough. 40% of these students are on the Free School Meal Allowance scheme, showing how Aim2Attain are reaching the most disadvantaged students. Volunteers from a number of businesses have already contributed approximately 250 hours of time to these workshops.