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Bees Abroad was founded in 1999 by volunteers and seeks to alleviate poverty through beekeeping.  Today, Bees Abroad runs 50 projects in 11 countries, and the income created by these enterprises goes towards education.

INTO Giving is now funding a new Bees abroad project in Nigeria, one of the world’s poorest countries, where 67% of the population live below the poverty line. We will be supporting the Multilateral Grammar School, based in the Odogbolu district.

Here 90% of the parents of the students in the school catchment area are farmers on very low incomes which in turn leads to poor nutrition, high mortality at all ages and inadequate access to healthcare and education.

This school is government run with a junior school which has 285 students in attendance and a senior school with 200 students.

Bees Abroad will help the school and the local community in the following ways:

Firstly, beekeeping will provide an income stream for the school to buy extra resources. Secondly, the students who are trained will be able to take their sustainable and ecological beekeeping skills into their community thus creating a second income which will help to pay their school fees and support their extended families.

We have donated £4,560 / $6018 which will provide the Multilateral Grammar school with

  • Delivery of beekeeping training, including teacher training 
  • Materials needed for hive construction and personal protection equipment
  • Provision of instructional training materials and manuals
  • Apiary establishment and honey harvesting equipment

Training will be given by Mr Oreyemi Babatunde Adenola who has worked with Bees Abroad since 2006 and has already successfully delivered four projects in the area. Teachers will teach students beekeeping as part of the curriculum aiming to produce a minimum of 10 new beekeepers every year going forward. This ensures a sustainable, environmentally friendly way of alleviating poverty. 

This project also ensures the protection of bee colonies which are essential for our world. Bee colonies are in sharp decline due to global warming and increased use of pesticides. There is an urgent need to stop chemical-intensive industrial agriculture and to shift towards ecological farming. Ecological farming ensures healthy farming and healthy food for today and tomorrow by protecting soil, water and climate, and promotes biodiversity. Bees Abroad helps increase the number of bee colonies in the world whilst also combatting poverty.


For more information on this project visit their website  




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