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INTO Giving supports the Bumba Foundation, and they have now been able to open their new school building in February 2019.

Through youth based projects, the Bumba Foundation will provide an opportunity for young people to develop their skills to support community resilience and reduce vulnerability.

The Bumba Foundation will develop projects through partnerships, which will enable young people to take positive action through education to support communities.

The projects will be time limited but focused on education and developing community cohesion and will develop leadership skills and provide young people with the opportunity to make a positive contribution to society.




Over the past year the limited rains have not provided the level of water expected to sustain the subsistence farming communities and this has resulted in continued poverty, instability and reduced community cohesion.

The youth population (under 30 years old) is 77% of the population. In Uganda, 83% of the 16-25 years are unemployed but the elderly and extended families are reliant on them to support them with basic food, water and medicine. 

Through the construction of the new two classroom building at the community school in Mugiti, The Bumba Foundation are now able to provide access to quality education to 87 young people (48 girls and 39 boys) in a safe environment, and the provision of breakfast and lunch.

The building has been designed to also be used as a school hall and in addition to the young people who use the classrooms for daily education, all the 287 young people (152 girls and 135 boys) attending the school, use the building for education workshops and training.

Budaka is one of the poorest districts in Uganda with access to education being a real challenge with one in eight children having never been to school, 23.8% of children aged 10-17 years being illiterate and 40.5% of the population not having access to drinking water.

Through the support of INTO Giving, the Bumba Foundation were able to complete the construction of the two-classroom building and provide access to quality education for 87 young people, when it was opened in February 2019. 

Since the grant was provided, the quality of the education at the school has been assessed through the local government school’s inspector and through regular examinations. The Bumba Foundation community schools performed excellently. These results have demonstrated that not only have we helped provide access to education, but we have helped provide the children with some of the best quality academic and vocational education in the area.


“Most people aren’t serious in helping us and give up after a short time to move onto to something new. You people are genuine and don’t think about yourselves, but you are here to support us to help us. I don’t know where you get your strength and love for us but bless you for everything you have done, and we pray for you for believing in us in Uganda when we have lost faith. Our children will now have a future and you have done something that will never be forgotten...”. - Community Elder


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