Budaka District is struggling. It is one of the poorest districts in Uganda, with some of the highest levels of poverty, unemployment, low education quality and high levels of illiteracy.

With the majority of Uganda reliant upon agriculture for an income and basic food security, the continuous failed rains and climate change has had a devastating impact on communities. To address the challenges in Budaka and to fight famine, it’s essential that the community can adapt to the changing environmental conditions/ droughts and gain education in sustainable home farming.  

The agricultural vocational skills centre at the new community school building are essential in the community overcoming its struggles. Agricultural skills includes the development of demonstration gardens used to educate young people and the community through regular orientation sessions and the integration of practical agricultural education into the school timetable.

Previously, agriculture was mainly taught through books; the new demonstration garden, however has allowed the young people to gain a practical knowledge and understand of the importance of agriculture to the household income.