In 2015, INTO Giving donated £3,483 to Fly the Phoenix's Plan Pollo project, a chicken rearing business that provides an income for the Phoenix Secondary School and College in Honduras, as well as a business for local families.   

INTO Giving's donation was the initial capital to purchase 500 chickens that were distributed to 25 families, providing them with 20 chickens each.  INTO Giving’s donation also covered the cost of the first lot of chicken feed, inoculations, coops, feeders and water containers. After five weeks of rearing, chickens are sold and the profit divided between the family (32%) and the school (68%).  

Families then use their profits to buy the next 20 chickens, feed and inoculations. The objective is for the school is to ensure long term sustainability by using the funds from Plan Pollo to pay the teachers’ salaries and the teacher training costs for assistant teachers not yet qualified. 

The Phoenix Secondary School and College is one of many projects run by Fly the Phoenix, who operate schools in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Peru. Fly the Phoenix is a UK registered charity, headquartered in Guatemala, that believes education, daily food and employment opportunities are basic human rights for those who live in extreme poverty.  

Making a Difference

Since 2002 Fly the Phoenix has seen well over 1,000 pupils complete primary school.  They have 40 teachers, assistant teachers and teachers in training, almost all of whom are ex-students. All teachers have completed the government-monitored three year teacher training school, and the children follow the national curriculum.

Because most of the teachers are ex-students, they know firsthand what it is like to be hungry and to live in difficult conditions.  They also speak the local dialect, are eager to learn and are role models in the local community. 

Phoenix employ four of their college students as teacher assistants to help out the 6th grade (11-12-year-olds) and also pay for their university costs, enabling them to become qualified teachers.  Recently 17 graduates have earned degrees in Rural Social Enterprise, which includes qualifications in community health, agriculture and micro-businesses.

Fly the Phoenix train a local person in each area to visit the schools and report back on the progress of the children, who sit four exams a year, the results of which are sent to the Ministry of Education.   In 2013, government-run tests showed that the average scores for Phoenix schools were in the high 80s and 90s, far surpassing national average scores in the 50s and 60s.  

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