Hope 4 Kids

Helping refugee children in Greece have access to education 

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Since June 2016, Project Hope 4 Kids has been working exclusively in the Filippiada refugee camp in Northern Greece, running an educational program for the children, ages 3 - 15 years old which include mathematics and English. In addition to these traditional classes, they focus on arts – These art classes help the children to cope with the trauma they have experienced.  

They are a small grassroots 100% volunteer-driven group, of like-minded individuals who wanted to try and make a small difference in the face of this enormous crisis.

INTO Giving’s £7,500 / $9885 grant will pay for the running and expanding of the programme. It will be used to purchase or build a new classroom, likely to be a shipping container, provide a stipend for teachers, and help recruit more teaching staff. 

The children in the camp are fighting for their futures, and this educational programme helps them to realise their hopes and dreams so that they are not a lost generation.  

The education provided to the refugee children in the camp is not only essential for them, but also for their families.  

Here, Erin Harrison Freeman, Creator of 1,000 Boots and Sleeping Bags for Refugee Children and Founder of Project Hope 4 Kids, tell us how everything started

‘In November 2015, after seeing heartbreaking images of Syrian refugee children sleeping on cardboard boxes and suffering severe hypothermia because they did not have warm shoes on their feet, I set up a simple campaign to raise $6,000 to provide boots and sleeping bags to these children. The goal was simple, raise the money and then head over to Greece and deliver the aid to those in need. My heart was overwhelmed with gratitude when, 3 weeks into this fundraiser, we had reached our original goal of $6,000...I went to Greece in March 2016 and delivered the aid and spent the donation money in ways that helped to make a real difference to so many in need. 

…this refugee crisis is unfortunately still impacting hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. In fact, with the European Union-Turkey deal that took place in March 2016, the situation is even more dire than before. Unfortunately, the political figures in charge have demanded that the borders close and remain closed for good. This means that there are now 55,000+ refugees that are stuck in Greece for what seems an indefinite period of time. They are unable to complete their journey, unable to make it to a country that will offer them safety and security. It is because of these changes the last several weeks that I decided to extend this campaign indefinitely.

It is my ultimate desire and goal to continue this important work for as long as the refugees need our help. I have witnessed and seen first-hand the deplorable and inhumane conditions thousands are faced with and I am passionate about continuing this mission with your help.’

Project Hope 4 Kids grew from a grassroots crowdfunder and is now an official 501c-3 non-profit organization!


The website for this project is currently under construction and will be available soon. For more information, please visit their website

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