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Room to Read is supporting Literacy and Girls’ Education in one of the most impoverished areas of Sri Lanka

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Room to Read in Sri Lanka transforms lives through gender equality in education and providing literacy aid to school children across the world. A global project, Room to Read expanded into Sri Lanka after the end of their twenty-six year civil war (1983-2009) that killed over 60,000 Sri Lankans. The country was also hit by the tsunami in 2004, which devastated infrastructure.

The project believes that world change begins with education, and so began rebuilding schools and building education projects for girls. In many parts of Sri Lanka, girls face discrimination and barriers to education. This is particularly true in the central highlands area, where girls often work long hours for low wages. This produces a literacy gender gap; which in some areas girls fall behind by 19% in their literacy rate.

Room to Read's Girls' Education Program works to ensure that girls in secondary school have access to the tools and resources they need to successfully gain qualifications and complete their schooling.

INTO Giving has donated £7500 / $9885 to fund 39 girls through their programme for one year.

The programme covers 4  areas of education:

Life-skills: Life-skills are competencies such as self-efficiency and empathy, and lessons in health and hygiene, overcoming and dealing with gender bias, making time to study and goal-setting. 

Mentoring: Strong, education local women serve as role models, advisors, and advocates to schoolgirls enrolled on the programme, providing girls with emotional support and guidance.

Material Support: For some families, the cost of a school uniform or safe transportation is prohibitive to sending their daughters to school. We're providing need-based material support for school costs such as tuition fees, uniforms, and exam preparation services so parents don't have to make the choice between putting food on the table and investing in education. 

Community Engagement: INTO Giving' is also helping create environments that support girls' success in school and beyond, through community meetings where parents and caretakers can discuss the importance of sending all of their children to school, and also the challenges they are facing.


For more information on Room to Read projects across the world visit their website 



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