INTO Giving is supporting young people in Tower Hamlets, London through £4,000 to Aim2Attain over 2016-18.

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INTO Giving is supporting young people through Aim2Attain with £4,000 over 2016-18. INTO students and staff from INTO City, University of London and World Education Centre are are always welcome volunteers at Aim2Attain.

The borough of Tower Hamlets in east London is one of the most deprived communities in the country. Despite the wealth and employment opportunities in nearby Canary Wharf and the City (of London), it has the second the highest number of pupils in England eligible for free school meals (40%) and one of the highest levels of youth unemployment in the UK.

Many young people come from families dependent on welfare benefits, creating a negative impact on children's aspirations and knowledge of the world of work. Teachers in Tower Hamlets report that students’ aspirations are narrow and that students often lack awareness of the range of post-school progression routes, including non-university pathways open to them.

Students suffer from a poverty of experience which can mean they are not as adept as they could be when it comes to navigating the world of work.

Aim2Attain works with 600 young people, from two distinct cohort groups, to understand the choices open to them for further education and training:

• Year 8/9 students (12-14-year-olds)

• Year 12/13 students (16-18-year-olds) 


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