For anyone who wants to support a humanitarian or community project close to your own heart, our new iGive programme is here for you

What is iGive? - iGive is the new initiative for INTO employees who have an NGO, non-profit or charity closer to your own heart that you want to support.

Sounds good, right? It gets even better - When you fundraise through iGive for a cause close to your own heart, INTO Giving tops up everything you raise by an extra 20%. It's that simple.

Interested in supporting a cause close to your own heart? Have a look at the iGive flowchart and the (broad) areas of eligibility in the clickable patchwork icon below. Anytime you have any questions, just email us at info@into-giving.com and we'll get back to you with the answers.



Since 2008, INTO Giving has raised more than $1 million (UK £770,000) to help thousands of children worldwide.

First and foremost, INTO Giving supports children's education. 

We stick up for girls' education in the developing world, support refugee education and help girls and boys at great and serious risk of being forced or coerced out of school.

That's who we care about. That's who we are. 

From Asia, to Africa, the Americas and Europe, our projects range from building brand new schools and refurbishing run-down schools, providing school supplies, teacher training and school food (you can't learn if all you're thinking about is when you'll eat again), equipping schools and community centres with computers, funding IT training and providing safe, welcoming accommodation for teachers. And more.



iGive! - New and for you

Children's education remains our No 1 focus. That much stays the same. That much doesn't change.

But now, in addition to our global family of education projects, if there is a humanitarian or community cause close to your own heart, we're here for you, too.

From September 2017, INTO Giving's new campaign - called iGive! - will be the conduit for a brand new range of causes, from the environment, to health, science, social diversity and community development (plus much more).

We're here for what matters to you. For the new range of causes you can support through INTO Giving's iGive! campaign, you only scroll down to find out!

Why choose iGive?

Because it comes with bonuses. Very big and tangible bonuses. We're talking about matched funding that MORE THAN DOUBLES your fundraising. In other words, what you raise for a charity close to your own heart adds up to a whole lot more.

For the simple ins and outs of how it works, please click here.

iGive to humanitarian and community causes worldwide

INTO Giving has blossomed.

We are continuing to support education projects in the developing world, as well as those local to INTO centres. It’s the heart of our work. That much stays the same.

But now, in recognition of the broad range of INTO employees’ and students’ charitable and personal interests, we're supporting a new, wider range of humanitarian and community projects.

Now, for all staff members and current INTO students who are eager to support another charitable cause close to your own heart, we’re here for you.

Click on the infographic for more information on each remit area...



Setting up my iGive fundraiser

So you've decided to use the iGive campaign to increase your fundraising - that's great news! 

 Before you set anything up, it's important to work out and to let us know how you will be transferring us the money, this is so we can track it, know your total and then pass it onto your chosen charity with the extra 20% included. 

Our iGive logo should be used in your fundraising promotions and during your event. This is to help us raise awareness of the campaign and of INTO Giving projects too, you can download this logo here or the team at INTO Giving will email it directly to you on your initial contact about your fundraiser. 

The next step is working out how you would like to channel your donations. We have several options for this, either by using a Just Giving page, by donating online using the iGive portal or by completing a direct bank transfer. 

If setting up a Just Giving page the main charity needs to be set as INTO Giving, we have an easy to use template that explains the iGive process and leaves space for you to add information about your chosen charity. You can download this template here. Or feel free to create your own content and explanation, INTO UEA staff set up an iGive fundraiser if you'd like to see a good example of how this should look.

If using the iGive online donation portal please do ensure that you have emailed info@into-giving.com with details of your chosen charity and the total amount raised. Although we can track this using our portal it is easier (and more cost-effective) to make just the one payment transaction to your charity and so knowing the total means we know when to do this. You can access the portal here

If you would like to send us a direct bank transfer please email info@into-giving.com for more information. Please be aware that when using this option Gift Aid would not be added.